• Aug 28, 2015
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Backsplash: A Simple, Beautiful Kitchen Update

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Sometimes your home design simply needs a change.  And as we approach a change in season, there's no better time to make that change you've been thinking about.  If you're looking for a beautiful, inexpensive, and simple update for your kitchen, consider adding a backsplash.  Backsplashes are rising in popularity because of how easy they are to clean.  Kitchens can be messy, and it's much easier to clean tomato sauce or chicken noodle soup off of a beautiful backsplash than off of wallpaper or paint.  Plus - backsplashes are more appealing to the eye, and there are so many options.  We've compiled our favorite kinds of backsplashes to inspire your latest kitchen update.


Brick: This look adds a sense of character and sophistication to your kitchen.  Match your backsplash to the color of your countertop for a classic look.


Marble: Dress your kitchen up with a marble backsplash.  Marble textured tiles are also a great choice.


Tile: There are so many color, style, and size options when it comes to a tile backsplash.  You could even do a tile mosaic behind your stove.


From TheBudgetDecorator.com

Pebble: For a very unique backsplash, layer pebbles or stones behind your backsplash.

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