• Nov 14, 2014
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Simple Cozy Decor Updates for Winter

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Shorter days and cooler weather naturally make us want to curl up in a comfy cozy place. This is the perfect time to update your home decor to make it a little cozier.

Little Cozy Changes

Creating cozy decor doesn't have to be difficult. There are many simple things you can do to make any room just a little cozier. Pull out your pretty throws and blankets and drape them on the corner of your sofa or at the foot of your bed. Add a few extra pillows to a bed, chaise lounge or couch for that extra cuddle factors. You can also swap out summer colors and fabrics for richer tones in soft velvets. Adding candles to your space can make it feel warmer, but it you have little ones or pets, you may want to consider a battery operated options. These easy to operate candles can look just like the real thing and provide that warm glow without the worry of wax spills or burns. (BTW if you do spill wax, you'll want to check out the Stain First Aid app for easy instructions to clean it up.)


Cozy inspiration found at Decorium. 

Big Cozy Changes

If you want to make a more permanent update that will make your home feel cozier, consider choosing overstuffed furniture, velvet or leather upholstery and rustic materials. A rustic hardwood floor can give a room a cozy, lived-in feel. A nice soft area rug is a great addition to any room and will add instant warmth.


This cozy hardwood is from Carpet One Floor & Home's Rustic River Hardwood collection.

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